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Young and the Restless: Adam Moves in on Sharon After Chance Hook-up?

Young and the Restless has never been short of twists, turns, and intriguing narratives and this time, the spotlight falls on Adam Newman and Sharon Newman‘s intricate relationships. And the potential repercussions it may have on Sharon’s newly blooming romance with Chance.

In our detailed breakdown of the latest developments, we delve into the specifics of this complicated love triangle. And what the future might hold for these three characters.

The Love Triangle of Young and the Restless: A Closer LookHey there Young and the Restless fans, it’s Soap Dirt. I want to talk about Adam Newman and Sharon Newman and whether Adam is going to wreck Sharon and Chance’s fledgling romance very soon.


And we have some specific spoilers and some reasons that we are wondering if it’s going to happen like this. So on Monday, we saw Sharon and Chance Chancellor doing the deed at her coffee shop.

And it seems pretty random. They went from first kiss to friends with benefits very fast. When they had not been kissing or in any kind of serious relationship to date on Young and the Restless. It just seems random.

Love Life of Chance and Sharon on Y&R: How Long Will It Last?

But maybe this impossible incident is a red flag that Sharon and Chance aren’t going to last. Many Young and the Restless fans were looking at Chance and Summer Newman kicking off in the wake of her marriage crashing and burning.

And really, that could still happen because Sharon and Chance may just be a stop on the road to a Chance and Summer romance. And here’s why we are wondering if that’s what’s going to happen.


Victoria Newman’s Interference and Its Impact on Young and the Restless

Monday, July 17th, while Sharon and Chance are making love on the sofa in the back room at Crimson Lights, Adam was getting his butt chewed by Daddy Victor Newman.

So Victor is going to backtrack on his promise of autonomy for Adam’s new company away from Newman Enterprises. The Mustache reversed this all and says that Adustus, as Adam has now renamed it, is going to be a Newman Enterprises subsidiary.

And Adam was understandably furious when Victor said this because he was in charge of a Newman Enterprises subsidiary before on Young and the Restless. 

A very similar company that was Newman Media, and Victoria Newman just couldn’t stop meddling. She meddled, and she screwed him over.


A Closer Look at Nick Newman’s Involvement on Y&R

Now, she has screwed Nick Newman over also on Young and the Restless. And Adam knows if this new company that Victor gave him ends up under the Newman umbrella, that Victoria’s going to do the same thing again.


And his brother, Nick, absolutely agrees with him on this point that Victoria is out of control. I mean why, why would he put himself in that position again? So that same conversation earlier between Nick and Adam.

Before they went over for the family meeting and Nick was telling Adam to stay away from Sharon. Why would they bring that up? Unless Adam was about to be around Sharon.

They were talking about this company merging on Young and the Restless. And Nick’s like, stay away from Sharon.

Young and the Restless: Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) - Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow)

Adam’s Future and His Relationship with Sharon Newman on Y&R

And Adam’s like, are you the Sharon police? And then he’s like, Oh, and stay away from Sally Spectra. It’s like, okay, maybe Nick should just give Adam a list of people he’s allowed to talk to, right? All right. I love Nick.

He is some serious eye candy, but he’s such a frustrating character sometimes. And so sure enough, after Adam walks out on Victor’s big pronouncement and his backtracking and basically lying to Adam, he has just had enough, and he beelines to Crimson Lights.

He’s also been texting and calling Sharon while he’s on the way, but she was busy making love with the GCPD detective in the storage room. So Adam ignores the fact that she’s not answering his texts and calls.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: What Lies Ahead?

He banged on the door of Crimson Lights on Monday’s episode until she answered and he tells her he wants to come and run Kirsten Incorporated with her. Cameron Kirsten‘s company that he left to Sharon.

And he tells her all about what Victor did and says he’s done. He’s just done with the Newman stuff. And it seems very likely that Sharon is going to agree to let Adam come and run this company with her.

Because she only suggested merging their companies so that she could keep an eye on Adam to make sure that grief didn’t consume him. So this will accomplish the same thing if she lets him come run this company with her on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) - Adam Newman (Mark Grossman)

Potential Changes in the Relationships on Y&R

And so I think she’s going to say yes. I’m sure Nick is going to have a fit and tell her not to, but can they work together? Can Sharon and Adam run a company together without crossing lines into getting more personal?

Are we about to get a brand-new version of this Shadam romance? A lot of people have been wanting it since he first came back with this Mark Grossman recast. And you may remember that at the time, he did get briefly involved with Sharon.

They even slept together. And then she was like, Oh, no, no, you know, I’m going to be with Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). Then, Rey was really mad and was like, stay away from Adam — so she did. And then we’ve had them develop into this genuine friendship.

Nick’s Reactions and Young and the Restless Future Episodes

They’re very close right now, but it could turn into a lot more because Adam definitely cares about her. Nick Newman is going to hate this. He’s going to butt in, and I think he’s going to maybe try and come to that company with them. By Friday, July 21st, Victor turns around and hits Adam and Nick with an ultimatum.


I’m sure it’s like, come back to Newman Enterprises, do what I said, or we’re done. And I suspect that both the brothers are going to walk away because ultimatums are not the way to get through to either of these boys on Young and the Restless.

If you give Nick an ultimatum, he just puffs up like a stubborn toad. If you give Adam an ultimatum, he will go and figure out what the exact opposite that you wanted him to do is, and he will do that. And just burn down your world. So we are wondering who is Sharon’s end-game guy.

Predictions on Future Relationships on Y&R

All right, so is Chance her end game, or does he fall by the wayside? And then, is it Adam that she’s meant to be with, or does Adam fall by the wayside? And is it ultimately Nick in the end that is going to wind up with Sharon leaving Adam and Sally free to reunite? What do you guys think?

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