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Young & Restless Recap: Phyllis Blackmails Tucker

Sally Has a Heartfelt Talk With Adam — and Phyllis Gets the Goods on Tucker

today on The Young and the Restless Christine lobs a threat at Phyllis, Chloe walks out on Sally, Elena puts Nate on notice, and Adam gives Phyllis the ammunition she needs.

At Crimson Lights, Sally can’t understand why Chloe isn’t excited about Victor’s job offer. Chloe scoffs, “Because it’s Victor Newman!” She can’t understand why Sally would entertain this offer but not take Nick’s no-strings attached loan. Sally reminds Chloe her relationship with Nick is too important to get money involved. Sally says, “This thing with Victor is clean.” Chloe chuckles. Nothing with Victor is clean and Victoria would love to see Sally go down in flames. They already have a job with Chancellor-Winters that’s solid and above-board with people they can trust. “This Newman Enterprises idea is a recipe for disaster.”

Sally argues Victor’s offer is a full-time contract heading up a whole new design division and the terms are very attractive. Chloe argues that soon assignments will be chasing them and that this isn’t worth burning their bridges with Chancellor. She sees exactly what this is, “This isn’t about making a great career choice, is it? This is about proving yourself to Victor for Nick’s sake.” She wants to prove they’ve been misjudging her the whole time. Sally admits it, but it’s also a great career move. Chloe sees it as Victor having his son’s girlfriend under his thumb so he can control her. If she goes along with it, Victor will be controlling her too. She refuses to put herself in that position. Sally argues that Victor is changing his opinion of her. She thinks they can make this work and it could be a huge win for all of them. Chloe wants no part of it and tells her, “You can count me out,” as she walks out on her.
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At Newman, Nate holds a folder and tells Nikki her idea is brilliant. She’s inspiring and he’s honored to be working with her. Nikki tells him to stop gushing… it’s not a good look on him and doesn’t flatter her; it just makes her suspicious. Nate didn’t mean to offend her. Nikki warns she’s as protective of the business as Victor is and so far he hasn’t given them any reason to doubt him, but she trusts Nick’s instincts. He believes Nate has a hidden agenda and she can assure him if that’s true they’ll never come to fruition. “The house always wins. Am I making myself clear?” Nate replies, “Crystal.” Nikki invites him to join her at the GCAC to tell him how he sees his future at Newman.
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Phyllis opens her suite door to Adam and complains he’s late. They go over her refusal to give him details about what Tucker has on her, though he assumes it’s to do with her star witness. Phyllis says she has to beat these charges. Adam wants her at the company and can’t let Tucker get in the way of that. If he can help her get some leverage, he’s in. She’ll be pleased to know he’s already found something buried in the paperwork of his old company. If she puts it to good use, Tucker’s control over her will be seriously compromised.

Phyllis asks what he has — it has to be big, or it won’t work. Adam says it’s very big and intimidating. It went on while Tucker was away but it’s his company so he could still be held accountable. The PR department of one of his labels sat on the information that one of their artists slept with several underage girls while on tour. It eventually came out but not until after the tour. Tucker found out after the fact and had his team bury the whole thing. Phyllis deems this despicable. Adam has two emails regarding the scandal to Tucker McCall from… Audra Charles. He grins, “You ready?” Adam tells her the email said the PR team had to go, with benefits, to keep them quiet, and that the singer problem was handled and their hands clean. Tucker must have thought all the evidence was shredded after the fact, but Adam found this in a junk folder. He never thought someone like him would come along and do a deep dive.
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Phyllis marvels that Tucker and Audra covered up statutory rape and asks, “You have the emails to prove it?” Adam replies, “Mmhmm.” Phyllis is amazed that he decided to use this to help her. Adam can use the Audra connection to his advantage when the time is right. He needs the best of the best for his company and that’s her… it won’t work if she’s behind bars. Phyllis can’t wait to see Tucker’s face when she uses this ammunition.


At the Athletic Club, Nate gushes about Nikki extending an invitation to lunch to get to know him better. Nikki stops him; she cannot bear hearing him blow more smoke. She’s there to get an honest answer as to how he sees this playing out, “What is it you want?” Nate says if he could have anything he wanted it would be to run Newman side-by-side with Victoria. “You’re doing one hell of a job, Nikki, and I mean that, but you asked and I’m being transparent.” He loves what Newman represents and hates that Nick doesn’t trust him and that people think he had a hand in him leaving the company. But having Victoria’s trust emboldens him and he thinks he can be a success at Newman. Nikki then wants to know, “Are you in love with my daughter?”

Nate replies, “No, Nikki. I’m not in love with Victoria.” They’re not anywhere near a relationship level that’s ready for love. He honestly has no idea if that’s in the cards. Nikki asks if they break up, what will that do for his dream of running Newman by her side. If Victoria turns out just to be a fling, he will still want to run an empire with her, which makes her wonder at his true intentions. Nate guesses she walked him right into that one. He says his relationship is built on a foundation of friendship. Down the line, he can see himself falling in love with her. He has a strong sense that she feels the same way about him. At the bar, Elena listens and smirks. She continues listening as Nikki thanks him for being honest, but points out he has a poor track record with relationships. What he doesn’t understand is that he’s put himself in a situation where that will constantly put him under scrutiny. “If you bring her more pain and anxiety than happiness, you’re gone. Not within days, within minutes… and then all your ego and ambition has gotten you absolutely nowhere.” At the bar, Elena smiles.
Elena Nate Y&R

Adam comes upon Sally in the park and asks how she’s doing. Sally admits, “Not great. Chloe refused to even consider Victor’s offer.” She’s convinced there’s an ulterior motive. Adam muses that Victor always has an ulterior motive. Sally erupts, “Can I not get a job on my own merit?!” Adam says his comment was about Victor… anyone close to the Newman circle is fair game. He’d never insult her talent; no one has praised her more than he has. Sally asks if he thinks she should do it. Adam thinks, in this moment, that it’s great to see her starting to get some of her fire back.

Adam admits he’s not very objective when it comes to his father, so maybe he’s being cynical and he really is beginning to appreciate her talent. He thinks it’s a good deal. He wonder if Nick still has his doubts. Sally’s surprised he cares. “Nick thinks that I need to be careful.” Adam finds that to be very insightful of him. Sally hasn’t had a chance to tell him about Chloe yet since he’s overseas. Adam muses, “It’s one hell of a time for you to be alone.” Sally misses Nick but she’s become to used to depending on him; it’s nice to know she can get through the day on her own. She asks, “What about you?” Is Adam finding a way to heal? He says it’s not that easy for him. Sally counters that it’s not easy for her either… it’s raw, painful, and hurts in places she didn’t even know existed. She’s come to see that she can stay in bed or get up and do whatever she can to move on. Work allows her to focus on something she can control, “Is it doing the same for you?”
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Adam shrugs that work is a distraction, sure, but he still feels empty at the end of the day. Sally urges him to keep finding ways to fill himself up. Adam asks, “Like what?” Sally says he’ll have to figure that out. She gathered up the little pink baby things from her room and donated them. Wiping tears, Sally says that as much as the loss hurts it’s a part of her reality… and a part of his too. Adam doesn’t want to discuss it right now. Sally complains about her shutting down. Adam’s happy that she’s started to heal but he’s not there yet. Sally says, “I’m really sorry, Adam,” and takes his hand. “If and when you are ready to talk about it, you know where to find me. And I will listen.”


Phyllis runs into Christine in Society and the blonde assumes Heather has told her that her trial date has been set. Phyllis warns her not to be too gleeful about it. She has everything she needs to beat the charges, “I’m going to be a free woman.” Chris reminds the redhead that her future isn’t in her hands anymore. They’ll just have to wait and see who the jury believes. Phyllis chirps, “We certainly will.” Christine says what really offends her is how she could be so selfish as to pull Summer into this, making her susceptible to criminal charges. Phyllis moves closer and warns, “Let me tell you something and I want you to listen closely. Do whatever you want to me, I would expect no less from you, but don’t you dare pull my daughter into this.”
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Christine tells Phyllis that her daughter aided and abetted. This has nothing to do with their history and everything to do with her sworn obligation to prosecute criminals. Phyllis says Summer was grieving the loss of her mother; it’s a very complicated situation. This is on her. She put her daughter in an insane situation. She made mistakes but it was to protect her innocent mother. “Don’t you dare send her to prison? That is not justice!” Christine tells Phyllis if she drops her not-guilty plea and accepts her sentence, she might be persuaded not to pursue charges against Summer.

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At the club, Nate spots Elena and asks how she’s doing and how everything is at the hospital. Elena tells him to stop with the “good guy” act. “Stop trying to be civil with me because I’m not going to reciprocate.” Nate apologizes; he just wants them to be able to peacefully co-exist. Elena snarks, “I hear you also really want to fall in love with Victoria. Hopefully, Nikki didn’t fall for that. Perhaps I should have a little chat with her and fill her in on your definition of love.” If she doesn’t believe her, she could always have her talk to Lily or Devon. These games he’s playing are eventually going to backfire on him, “And they are going to burn you down to the ground. And who knows, maybe I’ll be the person to light the fire.” He asks if she’s finished. Elena says one more thing, “In case I didn’t make myself clear, that was a warning. Stay away from me.” She stalks off and passes Nikki, who approaches Nate and muses, “Well, another ex reduced to a pile of rubble in your wake? Is that what my daughter has to look forward to after all she’s been through?”
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At Newman, Nate tells Nikki he’s glad they had lunch and that she forced his hand to clarify where he stands with Victoria. Nikki muses that his run-in with Elena wasn’t exactly confidence-inducing. Nate insists that had nothing to do with him and Victoria; what they’re building is so much deeper and more significant there is no comparison. Nikki tells him Victoria has been through more in her life than he’ll ever know. No one deserves a transparent relationship more than she does. If he can provide that, he’s looking at his new best friend. But if she turns out to be his next Amanda or Elena… he’s looking at his worst nightmare.
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At Society, Tucker walks up to Phyllis and Christine, who tells the redhead, “Talk to Heather. Have her get back to me by the end of the week.” She then walks out. Tucker asks Phyllis, “What was that about?” Phyllis says, “Nothing I can’t handle.” They order scotch and he sits down with her. Tucker looks her up and down and then says he admires how cool she manages to stay, even when she’s cornered. He asks, “You wanted to see me?” Tucker guesses it’s about her missing star witness. Phyllis doesn’t think he’ll be missing for long. Tucker says he’ll be missing as long as he decides… unless she has a counteroffer that doesn’t bore him. Phyllis has a counteroffer and informs him he’ll produce Carson and she and Heather will put him in their own protective custody. Tucker muses, “In exchange for?” Phyllis says, “Me keeping my mouth shut.” She lets him know that she’s aware his label covered up the statutory rape of several underage girls. Tucker doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Phyllis quotes the email from Audra and clinks her glass against his.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Ashley reveals a new game plan, Adam agrees to play nice, and Daniel stands his ground with Phyllis.

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