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Why Is Victor Newman Furious that Y&R Adam Acted Just Like Dear Old Dad?

Why Is Victor Newman Furious that Y&R Adam Acted Just Like Dear Old Dad?
Which of Victor’s children is the most like him on Y&R?

Victor Newman is devastated on The Young and the Restless. His son, the boy for whom Victor has done everything, the one whom he always praised and supported and put first, Adam, has gone and done something so horrible. He blackmailed a woman. And why?

Victor Newman: Setting An Example
For business reasons, no less! Have you ever heard anything so horrible, so underhanded, so unprecedented? No wonder Victor (Eric Braeden) weeps while Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) tells him how wonderful he is. Where could Prodigal Adam have learned such non-sportsmanlike behavior?


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Y&R: The Ad Council
Remember that old commercial? The kid doing drugs? “I learned it from you, Dad!” Who else was expecting Adam (Mark Grossman) to lob that identical accusation right into Victor’s face? Has there been a week, a month, or a year when Victor wasn’t blackmailing somebody into doing his bidding? And patiently explaining to Nikki how clever he was for thinking of it.

Victor Newman Parenting Manual
Victor all but jumps up and down and claps his hands with glee when his favorite daughter Victoria (Amelia Heinle), pulls off a clever business move using inside information and clever maneuvering. He sighs when his favorite son Nick (Joshua Morrow) insists on walking the straight and narrow and lectures him on protecting the family at all costs. But when Adam follows in dear old dad’s footsteps, it’s foaming at the mouth and tantrum throwing. How dare he? How DARE he?

Young & Restless: Takes One To Know
We realize that Adam said as much to Nick already. But isn’t Victor the one who really needs to hear this? Isn’t Victor the one who needs to take a moment from yelling until his forehead vein throbs and ask himself why he rewards Victoria and Nick for behavior he refuses to tolerate in Adam? Could it be that, deep down, Victor is afraid that Adam is the child who might actually end up outsmarting him? And so he needs to make him feel as insecure as possible to ensure that never happens?


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