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Young & Restless Recap: Jack and Diane’s Wedding Reception Begins

Phyllis Reconnects With Danny — and Summer Only Has Eyes for [Spoiler] as Jack and Diane’s Celebration Begins

Today on The Young and the Restless Billy warns Tucker, Danny doles out advice, and Jack and Diane’s wedding celebration commences.

At the Club, Billy asks Tucker, “What are you still doing here?” Tucker wonders why he’d leave town. Billy has evidence of his covered up for a statutory rapist, “That’s not a good look.” He also tried to make it look like he embezzled from his family business, which he paid back. He can count on one hand the number of people who can stand the sight of him. Tucker has a son and grandson in town, and tells Billy he wins and has forced him to back off. Billy isn’t buying it. Tucker insists he’s done with him, the Abbotts, and his company. Billy thinks he needs to leave Genoa City for good and not turn back.

Tucker accuses Billy of being even more mercenary than he thought. They both know he would have thrown Jack to the wolves to take over Jabot, but here he is working with him. Billy has the same objective he’s always had… to protect his family and his father’s legacy. Tucker fumes that he sounds just like Ashley. Are they a family or a cult? Billy warns Tucker not to crash the party this afternoon. “You think you’re smarter than everyone on this planet. Only a fool would think that.”
Billy Y&R


At the Abbott mansion, Traci tells Jack the florist has just finished setting up at the venue. Jack doesn’t know what he’d do without her. Diane wanders in and worries that her dress isn’t there yet. Jack promises it will be here in time. Traci learns she got it from Fenmore’s and realizes that she thinks Lauren’s friend Phyllis will sabotage the wedding celebration. She reminds Diane that Phyllis is on probation, “She is not going to sabotage anything.” Diane’s sure she can ruin things without breaking any laws. Jack agrees she won’t risk them telling Daniel and Summer what she’s been up to with Tucker. Traci implores Diane to relax.

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Kyle appears and Jack reminds him to be back in time for the reception. Kyle quips, “That’s today?” He asks, “Can I bring a date?” Traci excuses herself and Diane asks if he’s planning to bring Audra. Kyle says no, things have cooled off there. Jack thinks that’s for the best. Kyle tells them he and Audra were having fun, which he needed. Diane was hoping that Kyle and Summer would attend together for Harrison’s sake. Kyle says they wouldn’t have to pretend; they’ve been getting along. He warns that nothing has changed, however, and they’re not getting back together.

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At Crimson Lights, Lauren is holding Diane’s wedding dress when Phyllis walks in. Phyllis flashes to her lunch with Lauren in the park, where she thanked her for standing by her. She joins her pal, who looks taken aback. Phyllis notices the tag on the garment says D. Abbott. “Please don’t tell me that’s what I think it is.” Lauren admits it’s Diane’s dress for her wedding reception. Phyllis gawps, “Just stick a knife in my back.” Lauren’s not doing it for Diane, but Jack. She suggests Phyllis try and let go of the “Jack and Diane thing”. Phyllis can’t let go of it where Diane’s concerned and complains that Lauren is cheering them on. Lauren insists this was hard for her. “You’re not planning on blowing up this reception, are you?”
Lauren Phyllis Y&R

Phyllis offers to deliver the dress and Lauren gawps, “Yes, and I’m going to give you some matches and lighter fluid.” She explains Chloe is coming to take it to Diane. She asks about Phyllis’ job with Daniel. Phyllis feels she’ll be under the microscope. Lauren reminds her she has a long way to go with him. Phyllis just feels it’s a pity gesture. Lauren sees it as a life raft. Chloe arrives and Lauren hands off the dress as she has a plane to catch. She warns Chloe to keep the garment bag away from Phyllis and leaves. Chloe follows suit.

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Phyllis walks into the jazz lounge in time to hear Danny strike up a song on the piano. She sits to take it in. He notices her and stops to say, “Hey.” She asks him to keep on playing, “It’s beautiful.” He does. Phyllis watches as he works on a bridge and sighs that he can’t get it right, “I’ve got to take a break.” Phyllis offers to buy him a drink. Danny declines as he’s meeting Daniel for a late lunch. Phyllis asks, “How much does Daniel hate me.” Danny says he’ll always love her, “He just doesn’t trust you and he’s definitely disappointed.” Phyllis hopes he knows how hard she’s working to turn things around. Danny says it makes them all sad what she put him and Summer through. Phyllis counters that it makes her sad how much she’s judged. Everyone in this town has made mistakes but no one is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, “That makes me sad.”
Danny Phyllis Y&R

Phyllis complains that everyone sees her as a person she’s not, “Well, that I’m not anymore. They see me as the she-devil that chews men up and spits them out, devours souls, and ruins lives.” Danny tells her people would love to trust her. They could have walked away but they’re still there pulling for her, “Even me.” Phyllis asks, “Even after everything I did to you?” She tells Danny he should feel flattered. She laughs, “There are four billion men on this planet and you’re the one I decided to do that to.” Phyllis says she’s kidding as Danny laughs. He repeats that they haven’t given up on her. They just need some proof so they don’t have to take her word for it. Phyllis tears up and asks, “Where do I start?” Danny tells her to drop the poor me stuff and make herself happy, which comes from inside. Phyllis gawps, “Oh my God, you really are sunshine and roses.” Danny insists it’s that simple. Phyllis tells him, “That sounds exhausting.” Danny thinks her witty remarks are deflecting. She scoffs at anything anyone suggests to help her turn things around. Phyllis asks if he’s advising her to choose her own happiness. Danny wants her to do if for her. “Stop looking for someone else to fix this and start believing in yourself. You’d be surprised how many people will start believing in you too.”


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At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Kyle she just wants him to be happy and have a reason to get out of bed each morning. Jack seconds that, and asks about the date he wants to bring. Kyle shrugs, “You know what, forget about it.” Jack’s glad to hear that since they want to renew their vows and would be honored if he would officiate. Kyle is honored they’d even ask and hugs them. Chloe arrives with the dress and makes Lauren’s apologies. Diane checks the dress and it’s stunning. It was generous of Lauren to let her wear one of her designs given she and Phyllis are so close. Chloe says Jack is one of Lauren’s favorite people.
Jack Chloe Kyle Y&R

Later, Billy joins Jack in the living room and updates him that he ran into Tucker, who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Billy tells his brother he put back the funds. Jack complains about Tucker pulling Phyllis into this as vulnerable as she is these days. He swears he never thought Billy stole the funds. They shake hands and hug.

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Jack and Billy go over Tucker not being trustworthy. Jack can’t understand why he’s staying, and Billy says he claims it’s because of Devon and Dom. Jack hopes to keep him from blowing up this celebration. Billy will keep his eye on him. Jack wants his brother to be part of it. Billy will enjoy keeping him on the outside. Jack tells him to let Tucker be the security team’s problem; he doesn’t deserve anymore of their time. Today is about love, romance, and celebrating together. Jack stops as he’s saying, “I want it to be perf… perfect,” as Diane comes down the stairs in her pink gown. Diane joins Jack and they kiss after he tells her she looks like angel, and she says she feels like a queen.
Diane Jack Y&R

At the jazz lounge, Danny takes Phyllis over to the piano so he can finish the song. She perches beside him on the piano bench, and he plays. Phyllis watches him and cheers when he finally gets the bridge. “I think it’s amazing, I love it.” Danny thanks her for the inspiration. She thanks him for being so empathetic and compassionate with her. Danny says when someone is down you don’t kick them, you offer them a hand. They hold hands and smile.
Phyllis Danny piano Y&R

At the bar in the Club, Tucker flashes to telling Audra she needs to help him solve the problem of the emails, which Adam sold to the Abbotts. He recalls her asking, “What are you going to do now?” Tucker picks up his phone and texts Audra that he needs her to reignite the fire with Kyle Abbott.

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In the Abbott backyard, the celebration for Jack and Diane has begun. Kyle, Summer, and Traci chat about Harrison and laugh. Diane and Jack notice and smile. Suddenly, Summer sees Sharon and Chance arrive and follows him with her eyes. Kyle takes this in. Summer excuses herself and to go get champagne. Sharon and Chance toast and Abby makes a face as she watches them. Jack calls for everyone’s attention and makes a speech about his powerful love story with Diane. As everyone applauds, Summer watches Chance out of the corner of her eye.
Sharon Kyle Traci Chance Summer Y&R

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack and Diane prepare to celebrate, and Lauren gives Phyllis unsolicited advice.

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