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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Diane Forced to Expose Kyle – Betrays Son Over Audra & Tucker Partnership?

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers reveal that Diane Jenkins-Abbott (Susan Walters) may find herself torn between the two people who matter most to her. Diane came back to town on a mission to repair the damage with Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), but she also managed to find love and marriage with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).

That works out great when they’re all getting along, but Diane may find herself in a tight spot after Kyle makes a move against his own family.

During the week of October 16-20, Kyle will consider a proposition that’d make him an ally to both Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) and Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John).


Audra will hope to convince Kyle to help them target Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), so she may admit the Jabot takeover plot and argue that Jack isn’t giving Kyle the respect he deserves.

Perhaps Audra will urge Kyle to run Jabot alongside her at the end of this scheme and argue that it’ll be in much better hands.

Audra has already been trying to steer Kyle away from his family in previous conversations, so she may push him to be his own man and worry about himself here.

Although Kyle will have serious reservations, Audra can be awfully persuasive. Kyle could let himself get too power hungry and become swept up in the thrill of playing dirty.


Of course, Diane doesn’t trust Audra one bit, so she’ll be keeping a close eye on her in the coming weeks.

Considering how much eavesdropping happens on Y&R, there could be a situation where Diane gets updates on Audra, Tucker and Kyle’s alliance.

If Diane discovers that Tucker and Audra have hoodwinked Kyle into this mess, she may feel she has no choice but to tell Jack.

Diane may be forced to rat Kyle out and then play referee once Jack blows his top.

However, it’d be better for Jack to find out now while there’s still a chance to stop what’s being set in motion.


Diane may betray her own son, but she’ll have a good reason if Kyle gets suckered into Tucker and Audra’s sneaky plan.

Although Diane wants to shove Billy aside as well, she surely doesn’t want it to happen like this!

Tucker and Audra are two of the worst people in town, so Diane may work to get Kyle away from them ASAP.

The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Diane will face some bad news and a tricky family crisis, so stay tuned.

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