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‘Young and the Restless’: Summer Newman & Kyle Abbott Split Teased by Actress – Skyle Done? (VIDEO)

The Young and the Restless spoilers from a cast member hint at Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott splitting. This break-up could shake up Genoa City.

If you’ve been keeping up with Kyle and Summer’s tumultuous relationship, you’ll know that her web of lies is thickening, possibly leading to an explosive breakup.

We are going to delve into the hints dropped by actress Allison Lanier, the implications of Phyllis Summers’ devious plot, and much more.


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We have got some news for you about a Summer and Kyle breakup that was teased by Summer Newman actress, Allison Lanier. We’re going to talk about what she said and why that has us thinking that they are definitely headed for a split if you couldn’t already see it.

So on The Young and the Restless right now, things seem bleaker by the day for Kyle Abbott’s marriage to Summer Newman. And it’s all because his wife’s betraying him every single day that she refuses to speak up.

Let’s dig into this and we’re going to tell you exactly what Allison Lanier said about the future of Skyle as a lot of people like to call Summer and Kyle Abbott because it’s their smush name.


Young and the Restless Actress Allison Lanier Teases Skyle Breakup

So actress Allison Lanier who plays Summer Newman dropped a huge hint about the fate of her character’s relationship with her husband, Kyle Abbott. And it’s all about this revenge plot that her mom, Phyllis Summers, cooked up.

So right now, Phyllis is lurking out of the way, trying to figure out how to escape her fate for her actions. And the problem is that she has tangled Summer up in her lies. Meanwhile, Michael Baldwin is spreading the word of Phyllis being alive to his wife, Lauren Fenmore.

And they discussed how unhinged Phyllis Summers was as she was launching this scheme on The Young and the Restless. Michael called Phyllis’s plan this week both brilliant and Horrible. And Lauren agreed that it was definitely karmic in its construction.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) - Summer Newman (Allison Lanier)

But now that Kyle knows his mother-in-law is not dead, he was eager to tell Summer and he couldn’t hold back, even though Michael Baldwin said he should. And even though Michael Baldwin told his wife when he shouldn’t.


So Kyle Abbott tells Summer, and of course, she decides to keep the lie alive and to pretend that she’s shocked. And pretend that this, how could this happen when she knows 100% what he’s saying is the truth.

So, she knows that her mom was alive and set up his mom, Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless . And so it’s pretty much inevitable that this is going to blow up in Summer’s face.

Summer Newman Caught in Web of Lies on Young & Restless

And it’s all about the timing. Remember, Summer was the one that Phyllis contacted first. So she’s the one who’s known longest. about her mother’s lies and schemes.

Meanwhile, Kyle Abbott saw Summer being horribly nasty to his mom. The other day when Summer knew good and well that her mother was still alive, she was freaking out on Diane and she was saying that none of this would have happened.

It’s all Diane’s fault, but what she really means. is that if Diane hadn’t come back, her mom wouldn’t have gone berserk with this vendetta.

But, let’s be clear on a couple of points here about this. Is, having Diane back in Kyle’s life makes him happy. And, the bottom line is, Summer put his mom at risk with her silence, keeping Phyllis’ lie alive.

Will Kyle Abbott Forgive Summer Newman – Allison Lanier Drops Y&R Hints

So, really, how can Kyle be understanding about what his wife did. And then a couple of days ago, actress, Allison Lanier, who plays Summer tweeted the brand new Young and the Restless promo.

That was the one that covered word spreading that Phyllis had cooked up the spate death scheme. And when she did a Twitter follower said, girl.

Give us a hint on what’s coming for Skyle. And Allison Lanier replied, “All I know is y’all are prob not ready. LOL” So really that doesn’t bode well for Skyle fans, right?

I mean, they’ve been in such a good place, but let’s not forget Summer’s tendency to act out like she’s Phyllis Jr. So when she says y’all aren’t ready, That, that implies nothing good, nothing good.

It definitely hints at a breakup, but if you remember some of the summer’s history, not the summer that we have playing the role now, not Allison Lanier, but prior to this recast, there was a whole bunch going on.

Summer blackmailed Kyle Abbott into marrying her and the price of it was her donating a kidney to save the life of his then-girlfriend Lola Rosales whom she knew he loved and adored.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) - Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle)

So Kyle walked down the aisle, and he married her, and he kept putting her off for nookie because he really loved Lola. But he had an excuse for a while because Summer had been cut open with this kidney transplant, but then I believe he finally did sleep with her.

And then it was just a mess and it kept on but then he couldn’t stand to be kept from Lola and so he dumped Summer. Then Y&R had to unravel that storyline because actress Sasha Calle was leaving for new opportunities.

Skyle’s Complicated History on The Young and the Restless

She either did a DC Supergirl role — something big that took her from The Young and the Restless. Anyway, so that was back when Hunter King was playing the role of Summer.

Also, do you remember when Summer hopped in bed with Billy Abbott to punish her mom Phyllis? That stunt she’s pulling supporting her mom is when she knows her mom is clearly in the wrong.

is very typical of the kind of stuff that Summer had done and was doing before she settled down and became a mom. So, I mean, to be fair, they have drastically altered her character.

Once Harrison came into their lives and she became a mom, but before that she was doing some sketchy stuff. You remember she and Kyle were making dirty bets about people back before they were involved when they were just kind of flirting.

Summer Newman Dumped by Kyle Abbott on Y&R?

So, you know. It would be one thing if Summer kept the secret and was being civil to Diane, but to double down and be nasty when she knows Diane is totally innocent is a very poor choice, not a good look.

And what will Kyle do when he finds out? So given this hint from Allison Lanier, it feels like a huge blow up split is coming.

I mean, you know how it is on soaps. You can’t have people together and happy cause there’s no drama in that even though. The Young and the Restless fans always complained.

Why can’t they just leave them alone? You would not watch a soap opera with everybody happily paired up and making cookies all the time.

The cheating, the lying, the drama are what you need. You need exactly what Summer is doing right now. Because it’s gonna be a great storyline. So excited, excited about it. But the bottom line is, Summer does not want her mother arrested.

But Kyle might be more understanding if Summer had found out like a day before he did. And she was just kind of reeling from shock. But no – she kept this secret for weeks.

So. there is no way to defend what Summer has done, and there is no way to Even though she doesn’t want her mom arrested, she seems to have zero sympathy over Diane being arrested, even though she now knows it was unjust and true.

Unraveling Summer’s Lies on The Young and the Restless

True enough. If Diane Jenkins hadn’t come back from the dead, this situation would not exist, but there’d still be some other mess that Phyllis was right in the middle of. She always finds trouble and messes to get in.

That’s why she’s such a great soap character. So Summer heaping more blame onto Diane Jenkins when she knows her mom was innocent is going to enrage Kyle once this all comes out on The Young and the Restless.

No doubt Phyllis Summers is going to be a town pariah once word spreads and once she has to skulk her way back into town or once the cops find her or Michael’s private investigator.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) - Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) - Summer Newman (Hunter King)

So what we have to ask is, is Summer Newman also going to be an outcast for covering for her mother, because right now it seems like Summer is poised to lose everything.

She will have to leave the Abbott mansion. That means she would have to leave Harrison, her stepson behind. And you know, it’s, it’s just, it’s about to get messy for her. No doubt there’s fallout coming for Summer.

There’s backlash. And if the actress’s hint is accurate, then it could cause Summer her marriage to Kyle Abbott. So right now there’s no word on when Phyllis will be back on the scene and hauled into the GCPD to answer for her crimes in the latest promo.

The Awaited Return of Phyllis to Y&R and Consequences for Summer

There was a picture. There was a, just a really quick shot of Phyllis at Jabot standing outside one of the Jabot corporate offices on The Young and the Restless . You could just see the nameplate that said Abbott.

But you couldn’t see if it was Ashley’s or Kyle’s or Jack’s or whatever. Doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to show up there. They could have just thrown in a piece of old footage just to get Phyllis’s face into the promo.

So we’ll have to wait and see. Because there are no formal spoilers on when Phyllis is going to be back on the scene. But the bottom line is she’s going to be hauled into the cop shop to answer for her crimes.

And what makes this even trickier is Michael Baldwin really can’t represent her. Unless and until all charges against Diane are dropped first. Because it would be a conflict of interest for him to defend the woman who set up his other client. Right?

So that’s kind of interesting. Even on this week’s episode, when Summer Newman knows the truth is coming out, she just keeps up her lies. She even clapped back on Kyle and said, there’s no proof that my mom’s alive. It’s craziness.

Why is she digging herself a deeper hole with two hands? It’s like she has two shovels and she’s going to find rock bottom and then she’s going to keep digging. She is trying desperately to keep the hate against Diane going and it feels like she’s turning into Phyllis.

Summer Newman Desperate to Maintain Her Lies on Young and Restless

And gosh, darn it. It’s a fun plot, right? Can’t you just not wait to see what happens next with this mess? So also this week, Summer goes off on a tear at Daniel Romalotti. She’s mad at him that he told Kyle, Jack, and Michael about what their mom did.

And she tells Daniel that he betrayed their mom on The Young and the Restless. But Daniel thinks that Summer should just be thankful that he left her name out of it. So when Kyle Abbott walks up on them, On this upcoming episode, Summer kind of freaks out. She tells some more lies.

Then she runs off on her husband. And the bottom line is she’s digging deeper at every turn. And when Allison Lanier said, y’all aren’t ready for this, it could be just the most explosive split we’ve seen could be really interesting.

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