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On the Couch: Y&R’s Kyle Abbott Isn’t Improving

On the Couch: Y&R’s Kyle Abbott Isn’t Improving

Why he needs much more Y&R therapy.

kyle abbott on the young and the restless gets his chance on the couchTime to put Kyle Abbott on the Y&R couch.

Last April, we put Kyle Abbott on our The Young and the Restless couch to try and figure out why he was so wishy-washy and generally incapable of making decisions. After some intensive Soap Hub therapy, we’d made some great progress and dug down to the bottom of the issue. Alas, Kyle still continues falling into old patterns and bad habits. We’ve got him for another visit to the headshrinker to figure out what went wrong this time:

Kyle Abbott: I’m a Big By Now

Ever since Kyle (Michael Mealor) returned to Genoa City from New York, he’s been trying to prove he was a big, grown-up boy. First, he teamed up with Victor (Eric Braeden) to prove to Jack (Peter Bergman) that his Daddy wasn’t the boss of him. Then, he ran into a quickie marriage with Lola (Sasha Calle). Look what a grown-up, I am! Finding out he had a son, Harrison (Kellen Enriquez) was perfect. I’m a Daddy! Can a little boy be a daddy? I think not!


Ladies Choice

Kyle’s temporary alliance with Audra (Zuleyka Silver) was just a continuation of that. It was Kyle’s way of demonstrating that he is not tied to his family’s apron strings. He is his own man. He has a son, a job, and a totes cool girlfriend who lets him do what he wants. She respects him like the man he is!

Crawling Back Into the Womb

But, on the other hand, Kyle only recently got his Mommy back. Mommy and Daddy remarried, and Kyle can now finally have that family he never got as a little boy. So, at the same time as he insists he’s all grown up, there’s a part of Kyle that wants to be a child again, to live the dream with Diane (Susan Walters) and Jack. (Notice how little time he’s spent with Harrison lately. Little kids don’t have little kids of their own!) When Kyle turned on Audra, he was rejecting Adult Kyle and opting to remain Baby Kyle. It’s the only way he can think of to keep his mommy and daddy together. He needs a LOT more therapy to get over that.


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