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Shows Up in Claire’s Room — and Heather and Daniel’s Relationship Takes an Unexpected Turn

 Shows Up in Claire’s Room — and Heather and Daniel’s Relationship Takes an Unexpected Turn

Today on The Young and the Restless Sharon spends time with Nick, Victoria makes a request of her father, and Victor stuns Adam.

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At Daniel’s place, he tells Heather that Lucy is out for the afternoon. Heather recalls that she’s at her watercolor class and muses that she’ll be an artist like her dad. She wants to know why Daniel called her over. Daniel says the other night when she dropped the “L” bomb on him… he doesn’t know what to do with that. Heather will help him. “I meant it. I’m falling back in love with you.” She tells him he doesn’t have to do anything except keep it in his pocket. Daniel muses, “So, that kiss on New Year’s…” Heather says it surprised her as much as it did him. Then she started asking herself why she did it and what it meant. She realized she didn’t want that moment to end. She wants to string those moments together and see where it takes them. Daniel reminds her he’s with Lily now. Heather asks, hypothetically, if he and Lily weren’t together, would they have a chance?




Daniel replies, “OK. I think if I wasn’t involved with Lily, we would have a chance. But Lily is in my life.” Heather asks, “Are you in love with her?” Daniel says they care a lot for one another. Heather persists, “But are you in love with her.” Daniel concedes their relationship hasn’t reached that level yet. Heather tells him if he sees love ahead with Lily, she’ll respect that, but knowing how she feels about him, she has to ask, “Is a future with Lily still what you want?” Daniel replies, “You know, I’m not sure.”
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Heather moves next to Daniel on the sofa and tells him, “I’m not trying to steal you away from Lily. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I hate the idea of hurting someone, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to fight for our family.” She reminds him how good their life was in Savannah. Daniel muses, “I ruined that.” Heather says he’s found his way back. She can see them together as a family again, “I want that. I want us back.” Daniel tells her how much it meant that she believed in him enough to move there with Lucy. Heather never stopped believing with him. She gave him the space to find himself. Some part of her always hoped he’d want to be back with her and Lucy again. Daniel points out that she was with someone in Portugal. Heather says he was a safe man she knew wouldn’t break her heart. “What if our story isn’t over? What if we could recapture what we had? Would you want to try?”


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Heather says that Daniel may think it’s horrible of her to try to come between him and Lily. Some people would say it’s wrong, but what she thinks would be wrong is to say nothing when the man you love is right in front of you and the life you want is right there… and you’re too polite to open the door. “This is me opening the door.” Daniel recalls that he hurt her so deeply. Heather thinks this may be their second chance. How can they let that go without even trying. Daniel says it’s complicated. Heather tells him what’s not complicated is that she loves him. She wants more than just co-parenting. She wants to raise their daughter together and wake up every morning wrapped in his arms and end the day the same way. “You can tell me to leave and we’ll never have to talk about it again, but I don’t think you want me to leave. Do you?” Daniel kisses her.
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At Society, Nikki accuses Victoria of trying to avoid her. “I think I know why.” She’s tired of people tiptoeing around her or worrying they’ll say something to trigger an episode. Victoria assures her she’ll be there for her no matter what. Nikki has a small battalion of people who want to help with her recovery, all she wants to do is be there for Victoria. She asks about Claire. Victoria says she’s actually not her first concern, “Dad is.”

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Victoria updates her mother that Claire agreed to let her and Cole visit, but the best part is that she allowed her to hug her. “I held my daughter in my arms for the first time.” Every maternal instinct in her believes Claire and that she wants to turn her life around. She knows they have their full support, “Which is why I’m having some issues with Dad.” Nikki asks what he’s done. Victoria says he summoned Cole to the ranch. He’s digging to find out if something is going to happen with her and Cole. “We want to help our daughter, that’s all.” Nikki asks, “What if your feelings change?” Victoria finds this offensive and ridiculous… that she’d swoon into Cole’s arms. “Romance is the last thing on either of our minds.” She complains that her dad drew a line in the sand that he shouldn’t have. “Cole needs to be here for Claire, so I need him here as well.”
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At Newman, Adam updates Victor, who says, “Excellent work.” Adam admits he couldn’t have done it without his brother. Victor loves to hear that and can feel the different energy in the building with them working together instead of against each other. Adam says they have him to thank for strong-arming them into it. Victor promises Adam if he and Nick continue this way, they’ll move mountains together. Adam’s grateful for a chance to prove himself to his dad and to all the doubters. He’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts. Victor asks what that means. Adam expects to be out on his ass if Victoria returns. Victor denies he’s using him and Nick as placeholders. “Your place in my company is secure. You got that?” Adam sighs, “I’m with you all in, 100%.” Things are going well both personally and professionally, “I’m not about to screw that up.”
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Sally runs into Nick at Crimson Lights, and they make small talk about Sharon’s inspiring launch party. Sally thinks he and Adam working together is also inspiring. Nick notes that Adam is clearly keeping her well-informed, “Looks like you two are giving your relationship another shot.” Sally says they’ve been reconnecting. “It might be headed in that direction.” Nick says if she’s happy, he’s happy for her. “You’ve always led with your heart, and speaking from experience, right or wrong you always go where your heart takes you.” He’s pulling for them this time. Sally’s sorry for any pain it’s caused him. “Friends?” she asks. Nick nods, “OK. Friends.” They hug.
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After Sally leaves, Sharon appears. She knows Nick is hurting more than he’s letting on. Nick insists he’s not putting on an act and genuinely wants what’s best for Sally. Sharon asks, “Even if she’s with Adam.” Nick sighs. “Of course I do not want Sally to be with Adam.” He knows Adam will hurt her again. He’s sure Sally will get her heart handed to her again in time. Sharon muses that love can be a risky proposition. It’s got them in trouble lots of times, “Especially you.” Nick apologizes. Sharon feels like she’s gained some wisdom. “My priorities have shifted.” After Cameron, Nick has realized that keeping his family safe is the most important thing. He wants to be a good father, son, and brother. “This time around it feels right. I’ve never been this excited to be back at Newman. I’m looking forward to the challenge.” Sharon teases him about being all about work. Nick says things are perfect right now and the idea of falling in love again just sounds exhausting. Sharon couldn’t agree with him more. She just wants to focus on being a good mom and running her company. She muses that they’ve finally found themselves. Nick asks her to have lunch with him.

At Newman, Adam gets a text from Sally asking if he’s free. Victor wants to know what has him in a good mood, and then tells him he knows he’s still seeing Sally Spectra. “I don’t think she’s good enough for either of my sons.” He also doesn’t like that she hurt Nick, but the reason is that she’s always cared more for Adam. “The heart wants what it wants.” Adam, amazed, says he will take that as a blessing.
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Adam joins Sally at Society and kisses her. “Best part of my day.” She’s glad he could get away. Adam chuckles. He has something to tell her that will shock her, “Victor practically gave us his blessing.” Sally can’t believe it. Adam insists he made it clear that he’s ready to support their renewed relationship. Sally feels this makes no sense. Adam says he told him that the heart wants what it wants and he’s going to honor that. Sally gawps, “Wow.” She asks, “What’s changed?” Adam thinks maybe he sees the truth of them and his determination to be a better man. He tells her they’ll go at her speed. She thinks he’s getting it very right. As they kiss, Sharon and Nick walk in.

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Nick reminds Sharon this is about moving forward, so they walk over and exchange pleasantries before sitting down. At the bar, Adam marvels, “That went well.” Sally thinks maybe this really is a new beginning for everyone. Adam asks if she believes in fate. She wonders if he’s hoping that Sharon and Nick are together. Adam asks why he’d care. Sally points out it would take care of any crazy notion he has that Nick is competition.
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At Newman, Victoria informs Victor that she came by to see him to tell him to leave Cole alone. Victor asks, “What in the world are you talking about?” Victoria fumes that she’s not creating a fantasy family in her head. The last thing they need is him interfering considering what they’re dealing with. “Do you really think I’m interested in a romance?!” Victor’s also concerned about her maternal feelings for the unstable Claire girl. “I don’t want you to get hurt again.” Victoria wants him to trust her to make her own decisions. Victor considers this for a moment before sniffing, “Alright. I’ll be nice.” Victoria says there’s one more thing. When Claire’s released, she wants him to welcome her into the Newman family.

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At Daniel’s place, he and Heather kiss in the bedroom. They slowly undress each other and fall onto the bed.
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After sex, Heather asks, “I’m not alone in feeling what just happened, am I?” Daniel assures her, “You’re not alone.”

At Society, Sharon is curious why Nick invited her to lunch. Nick was just enjoying being around her and thought it would be a good chance to catch up. They tease each other and laugh.

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At the bar, Adam tells Sally this is the first time he doesn’t feel he’s competing with Nick about anything. Sally’s glad to hear it since she’s not wavering between them. Adam believes her. He says he was thinking in terms of destiny with their story. Sally tells him, “We chose to be together.” Adam smiles as he watches Sharon and Nick laughing together. It feels like there’s some sort of fate at play. “I’ve always felt that.”
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At Newman, Victor tells Victoria that he’s happy for her, but Claire was taught by a master to fool all of them. Victoria argues they had a real breakthrough today, “I really believe this could work out for us.” Victor hopes so. Victoria asks him to have a little faith. If not in Claire, then in her instinct about her. Victor hopes it works out. Victoria says, “And when it works out, you promise you’ll accept Claire into our family.” Victor muses, “Look, when and if Claire manages to get ahold of her demons and become a true daughter to you, I shall accept her as a Newman.” Victoria hugs him.
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In Claire’s room at Memorial, someone sneaks up on her while she’s resting. Claire senses the person and turns to look up — at Nikki.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Nikki looks for closure, Kyle and Summer start a new chapter, and Ashley confides in Traci.

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