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Chelsea Blasts Adam — and Ashley’s Decision Stuns Traci

Chelsea Blasts Adam — and Ashley’s Decision Stuns Traci

Monday, February 5, 2024: Today on The Young and the Restless Audra questions Tucker, Ashley makes a decision about the immediate future, and Billy lobs an accusation at Devon.

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In the bistro in Paris, Ashley tells Traci she didn’t exaggerate what happened there. It’s good that she’s back so she can remember what happened. She complains that Tucker sent her back to ask the waiter — it’s clearly a set up. Traci warns they should prepare themselves for the possibility that he didn’t pay the waiter and he’s telling the truth.


Ashley can’t believe Traci is taking Tucker’s side. Traci is only questioning if he paid off the staff. Ashley reveals that she called him and says he just wants to punish her because she wouldn’t cut ties with Jabot. She asks Traci to trust that she knows what she’s talking about. Tucker’s plan is not going to work! “I’m onto him!” Traci looks distressed at this outburst, so Ashley apologizes and orders them some wine.
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Traci tells Ashley that when she lets Tucker rile her, he wins. She suggests Ashley move on and exorcise him from her life. Ashley glances at her wine glass and flashes to the scene in the bistro with Tucker… but this time he’s not violent. She shoots Traci a confused look. She insists Tucker’s version is wrong. Traci wants to go home, but Ashley’s not ready to give up. She’s determined to get the waiter to tell her the truth. Traci thinks they’ve hit a dead end and pleads with her sister to let this go. Ashley asks Traci to stop treating her with kid gloves. “You think I’m going crazy?”

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At the GCAC, Nate, seated at a table with Devon and Sharon, eyeballs Tucker as he helps Audra into a chair. Devon pulls his focus back to the meeting by telling Sharon they should be able to get her the paperwork for their partnership to her this afternoon and finalized in the next couple of weeks. Sharon is thrilled, and Devon thanks her for the lucrative idea. Once Sharon walks off, Devon congratulates him on his first big deal since he got back. He then asks what the hell is going on with him and Audra. Nate hates to see her get sucked back into Tucker’s drama. Devon thinks she knows what he’s all about and the fact that she’s still with him, should tell him everything he needs to know. She’s all about drama and to be avoided.
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At their table, Audra needles Tucker about Devon ignoring him. Tucker only has eyes for her right now. Audra scoffs. That doesn’t sound like the Tucker she knows. She hopes the shift in their dynamic lasts. Tucker thinks she’s still on guard about Ashley. Audra knows him well and is realistic, so yes, she’s on guard. Tucker takes her hand and vows that he meant what he said, “I choose you, in all ways possible.” He kisses her hand, “It’s you and me from now on.” Audra wants to talk business and asks, “What happens now?” Tucker will have to think about it. Audra thinks they can revert to his plan for her to run Glissade. “Everything you wanted to have with Ashley, you can have with me.” Tucker insists he’s all in, but right now he wants to bask in the afterglow. Audra warns he made promises, and she’ll make sure he remembers every one of them.

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In Crimson Lights, Chelsea ends a call with Connor’s school and updates Billy that they’re on top of things. Billy thinks he’ll be alright. Chelsea just has to make Adam understand it’s not the right time to visit their son. She gets up to leave as Sharon walks in. Chelsea congratulates her on her launch and leaves. Sharon asks Billy how things are going. Billy says everything’s good, Chelsea is just dealing with some co-parenting issues. Sharon asks if that’s why he wasn’t at the meeting today with Devon and Nate. Billy wasn’t aware there was a meeting and is miffed. He warns that nothing is getting finalized without him, but Devon hasn’t reached out. Sharon worries he and Devon are in a conflict. Billy reassures her. He’ll remind Devon that he needs to be kept in the loop.
Chelsea Y&R

Chelsea meets with Adam at Society and is surprised when he admits he over-reacted by wanting to pull him out of school. Chelsea explains that the school is going to put some accommodations in place and diagnose his learning difference. She adds that it’s not a good time to visit… creating conflict is not a good thing for Connor right now. They bicker as Adam asks if he gets any input — she’s already made the decisions with the school before anyone consulted him! “You don’t get to call all the shots!”

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Adam tells Chelsea this is why he needs to go to the school and talk to Connor and the staff himself. “Nobody sees fit to include me.” Chelsea scoffs at Adam’s ego being bruised because the school called her first. Adam thinks it’s a good idea to go reassure their son, “I need to…” Chelsea snaps, “It’s not about you!!” They’re not going because the school says it will make him feel worse and put a spotlight on him, which is the last thing he needs! She apologizes for losing her cool. Adam sighs, “You’re absolutely right.”
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Chelsea’s stunned that Adam thinks she’s right. Adam just worries Connor is upset or depressed and they’re not there. Chelsea assures him they will be there when it’s the right time. Adam thanks her for helping him see the light. She assures him that Connor knows how much he loves him, “So do I.” They marvel over him backing down. Adam’s working on himself. Just then, Connor calls Adam. Chelsea tells him, “Answer. We’ll talk to him together.”

At the GCAC, Nate questions if Devon really thinks he’s one step away from betraying the company again. Devon thinks his mistakes come from wanting more. Audra presents the same temptation as Victoria did.

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Across the room, Audra and Tucker spar verbally about trust and keeping each other on their toes. He finds it romantic that they’re suspicious of one another. They could seduce information from each other… he looks forward to doing that with her. They share a toast, “Salut!”
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As Nate and Devon prepare to head back to the office, Nate mentions he’s surprised that Billy didn’t show up for the meeting. Devon admits that he didn’t think it was necessary for him to be there given that Nate had been running the numbers. Nate worries how Billy will take that. Devon assures that Billy can attend the next meeting. Nate glances at Audra before leaving.

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At their table, Tucker wistfully watches Devon leave without a glance even in his direction. If he doesn’t want him in his life, he can’t force the issue. He doesn’t think Nate liked Audra giving him the time of day. “He’s obviously got a thing for you.” Tucker asks if the trysts she claimed they were having were true. Audra teases him for being jealous. “Nate’s just a friend.” She thinks he’s just being protective. Tucker muses, “Little does he know, I’m putty in your hands.”
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Devon and Nate arrive at Chancellor-Winters where Billy complains that he knows they had a meeting with Sharon. Devon tells him they’ll send the numbers over shortly. Billy thinks he should have been there, even Sharon agrees, and asks why he was excluded. Devon replies, “You weren’t excluded on purpose. The meeting just came together quickly, and I wanted to keep the ball rolling, so I made it happen. We didn’t sign any contracts or anything like that.” Billy points out he can’t do that without him. Devon assures Billy no one is going behind his back. He thinks he’ll be proud of the deal Nate put together. Billy will chalk it up to a scheduling mishap and warns not to let it happen again, “This is all about collaboration, right?” Billy is keen to get this deal done so they become so big Tucker can’t mess with them.
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In Paris, Traci thinks Tucker is taking up undeserved space in Ashley’s head. She should move on. Ashley agrees the place has bad energy, but says, “I’m not ready to go. I’m not leaving.”

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In Society, Chelsea and Adam sign off from Connor as Billy comes in and asks how the kid is doing. Adam thinks Connor feels relieved that there’s a solution. They’ll check in with him frequently before their next visit. Billy’s glad and says it’s nice to see them in a co-operative space. Chelsea admits she’s the one who went off on Adam this time. Adam says it was deserved. He hopes Billy knows how lucky he is to have her in his life. Billy says, “I do indeed.”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon admits to Nate that he’s still concerned about Tucker. Nate doesn’t see him as an imminent threat. He’s still doing damage control. Devon thinks they all need to stay on alert. Nate muses that if McCall is making moves, it may be advantageous to have Audra as a friend.
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In Tucker’s suite, Audra wants to know his next steps for Glissade and gets impatient when he’s not forthcoming. “You can’t keep me in the dark, Tucker. I need to know if I made a mistake opening up to you.” Tucker promises she didn’t. They kiss.

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In Paris, Ashley tells Traci she needs to stay and talk this out with someone. Traci says she’ll stay with her, but Ashley wants to stay there on her own and talk this through with a friend of hers in Paris — she needs peace of mind. Traci looks stunned and concerned.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor is suspicious of Nikki, Jack turns to Lauren for help, and Abby makes a big decision.

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