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Young & Restless Preview: Victor’s Next Move Will Make Victoria’s Head Explode — and Yours, Too! What Is He *Thinking*?!?

Young & Restless Preview: Victor’s Next Move Will Make Victoria’s Head Explode — and Yours, Too! What Is He *Thinking*?!?

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Young & Restless’ Victor has vowed to protect Nikki at all costs, but his methodology is bound to leave other family members flabbergasted — Victoria in particular!

It’s now established that the diabolical Jordan not only survived the fire at the prison in Oregon, but she very likely started the inferno that left numerous other inmates dead. That means she escaped and is almost certainly on her way to Genoa City. Certainly Nikki is convinced that she’s coming after her again.


Nikki told Victor and Victoria that she received another call with the stripper music playing on the other end, which, for her, confirmed her worst fears. Unsuprisingly, Victor vowed to protect his wife at all costs.
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Given that The Mustache probably has as little faith in his security team as we do by this point, it’s a certainty that he’ll come up with a pro-active plan to deal with Cole’s menacing aunt.

Young & Restless spoilers indicate that after giving Nikki shocking news, Victor will put a plan into motion. If the update he gives his wife is that Jordan has been spotted by his security team in Genoa City, the Black Knight’s next move will undoubtedly be to find a way to flush her out of hiding and deal with her once and for all — and his game plan just might make Victoria’s head explode!




You might be wondering why, knowing that Victoria would love nothing more than to see her dad locate the escaped madwoman, considering the threat she poses not only to her mother, but to her newfound daughter. In fact, Claire receives a surprise visitor on the same day the shocking news breaks — and it could be Jordan, who is a master at breaching security and eluding those charged with keeping her at bay.
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But we don’t think it will be Jordan — we’re certain the surprise visitor will be Victor.

Why? Well, what better way to lure Jordan to her undoing than by using Claire as bait? But first, he’ll have to talk his granddaughter into it. Hence, the visit. And considering that she tried to kill him and his family, we’re gonna guess The Mustache won’t hesitate to use her guilt to his advantage.

In the Young & Restless preview for this week, we saw an unhinged Victoria declaring to Cole that her father had gone too far this time, and that would definitely be her reaction to finding out that Victor had talked Claire into going along with his dangerous scheme! The question is, will Victoria and Cole put a stop to it, or will they be forced to endure the plot, knowing they could lose their daughter for a second time?!?
Victoria Cole Y&R


Let us know how you think this will play out in the comments after looking back over Victor Newman’s exploits through the years in the photo gallery below.

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