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Ashley Accuses Her Family of Betrayal — and Victoria Finds Out About Nikki’s Bender

Ashley Accuses Her Family of Betrayal — and Victoria Finds Out About Nikki’s Bender

Monday, February 12, 2024: Today on The Young and the Restless Billy springs an idea on Chelsea, Nikki has a nightmare, and Diane chastises Traci and Jack.

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At Society, Chelsea tells Billy the teachers at Connor’s school updated her on what’s been going on with him. The news is worse than she thought. “He’s struggling, Billy. And I don’t know how to help him.” He can’t pay attention in class and they think it could be anxiety or a processing disorder. He’s not eating and is washing his hands all the time. They want her to talk to the onsite therapist. Billy assures her she’ll get him through this, “What can I do to help get you through this?”


Chelsea says she and Adam are on the same page. She thinks that this is just the aftermath of everything Connor went through this year. She and Adam would love to go to the school, but they told them to wait. She called her therapist, which impresses Billy. They talk about how they’ve changed each other’s lives. Chelsea asks to hear about what’s going on in his head.
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Victoria arrives at the ranch and stops short at the sight of her disheveled mother. Nikki admits she had her worst stumble yet, “This one really scared me.” Victoria learns that her mother had a terrible relapse and blames Jordan. She asks how it happened. Victor says it was the news of the fire at the facility and the possibility she’s escaped. Nikki says, “She has escaped.” She complains about them keeping her in the dark. Victoria says they didn’t want to upset her. Victor will make sure she doesn’t come near this house. Nikki repeats that she has escaped, “I have proof that she is alive. And she is still very much out for revenge.”

Nikki reveals she’s been getting those phone calls again. This morning the call had the same song playing. She knows Jordan is behind it. Victor and Victoria urge her not to let Jordan push her buttons. Jordan is broke and on the run, and Nikki is safe there. “She’s the vulnerable one, not you.” Nikki needs to get some rest. She rises to leave the room, but first, she has a confession to make.
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In Tucker’s suite, Audra tells him he’s obsessed with Ashley. He told her he chose her and then had the nerve to pull this. Tucker insists she’s misinterpreting this, but Audra’s not buying it. She reads him the riot act for not keeping his promises and reminds he’s supposed to be done with that woman. Tucker says he is done with her, “You are the one I want to be with, but…” Audra interrupts. She’s just the one who’s available. He can’t have the one he truly wants and his ego can’t stand it. Tucker insists he only wanted to know when Ashley was back so he can avoid running into her. Audra asks if he honestly expects her to believe that. Tucker maintains he’s had it with her and her accusations. If he sees her coming the other way, he’s crossing the street. “I don’t want her getting in the way of what you and I have.”


At the Abbott mansion, Ashley demands to know why Jack want a family meeting and why he and Diane are looking at each other. “Is this an intervention?” She wonders if Traci told them that Tucker bribed the waiter in Paris. Jack says there’s more to the story. “Traci spoke to the rest of the wait staff at the café. None of them could recall Tucker being physically violent.” Ashley fumes that he bought off the whole staff. “He is unbelievable.”

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Ashley is ranting about them buying into Tucker’s BS when Traci comes in. Ashley confronts her about going behind her back. Traci didn’t want to keep this from Ashley, but she thought it would be better for her to hear it there, surrounded by family. Ashley thinks this just proves the lengths that Tucker will go to gaslight her. Jack and the others exchange uncertain glances. Ashley rages at them to stop. “You guys know what he’s capable of! Why are you doubting me?!”
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Ashley contends that it wouldn’t have been hard for Tucker to pay off the whole wait staff. Traci informs her that she offered them even more money. It was awful, but she offered them twice as much if they just admitted they’d been bribed. Not one person took it because they didn’t want to lie. Ashley figures he threatened them, but Traci found them believable and not nervous or intimidated. Ashley, on the other hand, showed doubt when they spoke to the waiter. Ashley insists she has no doubts. “I can’t believe you’re taking Tucker’s side. I can’t believe this is happening.” She’s being let down by her family in the most painful way.
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In Tucker’s suite, Audra informs him that they are bound to run into his ex plenty. Every day will be another reminder. Every time it happens she’ll see the love/hate written all over his face. She’ll constantly be questioning where his heart lies. Tucker jokes that they could buy their own restaurant to eat in. Audra can see how he’d be sick of Ashley’s accusations. She can’t help but wonder what she found out in Paris. Maybe the truth will shut down Ashley for good.


In Society, Billy tells Chelsea about his abrasive run-in with Tucker in the Athletic Club. It took everything in him not to deck him when he asked about his sister. He does a Tucker impression that has Chelsea giggling. As he walked away, he accused him of being power hungry and said he’d enjoy watching him pull Jabot into Chancellor-Winters. Chelsea scoffs, “That’s crazy. I mean, you’d never do something like that, right? Try to take over your family’s company from the outside?”

At the ranch, Nikki confesses that she hid her vodka, but came back to find it gone. Victor had the staff do a sweep and remove the booze. Nikki says she has to do this on her own. Removing the alcohol is a short-term solution. She thanks Victor for understanding she has to do this on her own, and about Jack. After Nikki’s gone, Victoria asks what she meant by that. Victor says, “She asked Jack Abbott to be her sponsor.” He went along with it because Nikki is very fragile right now.

Victor tells Victoria about finding Nikki in some dive outside of town. He and Jack went out there together. It breaks his heart, but she was passed out at her table. Victoria sighs over her going this far, and in public no less. Victor made sure that incident was kept quiet, but he blames Jack for allowing her to drink herself to oblivion. Victoria defends Jack. Victor argues he was supposed to keep her from drinking!

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley feels betrayed by her family. Jack tells her what happened in Paris doesn’t matter, what’s important is that she ended the marriage. Traci argues what happened in Paris is the most important thing. Jack thinks it opened Ashley’s eyes. Ashley cries that betrayal is coming at her from all sides. “Are you questioning my sanity? Is that what’s happening here?! Oh my God!” She runs out. Diane suggests Traci and Jack let her go and calm down. Now that Ashley’s gone, she has to ask, “What was the point of all that?” They upset her so much she couldn’t hear their point. Traci asks if she thinks they’re wrong for trying to get to the truth. Diane says it made matters worse. “What just happened was completely counter-productive.” Jack thinks they need to give Ashley some space. Traci feels the only thing that will help her sister let this go is for her to find out the truth so Tucker can’t use it against her anymore!
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In Society, Billy tells Chelsea that Tucker’s comment made him think about his position at Chancellor. His mother owns half of it, but her name isn’t represented. Going after Jabot seems pointless, but he’d like to see Abbott in the company name. “The company should be called Abbott-Winters.” Chelsea asks about the Chancellor name, which is the company’s roots and a tribute to Katherine. Billy suggests, “Abbott-Chancellor-Winters.” Chelsea thinks he wants to stake a claim in this company. Billy feels like he’s finding his groove there. What better way to protect his mother’s legacy than to put her name on the letterhead. Chelsea isn’t sure how Lily and Devon will react. Billy insists it’s not about putting his name in lights. His mother deserves this.

At the ranch, Victoria thinks Victor made the right call by accepting Jack as her mother’s sponsor. She wonders if they should consider rehab if she doesn’t improve. Victor would rather have her safe at home. Victoria asks if he thinks Jordan is actually out there plotting and making the calls to Nikki. Victor feels it’s possible. Victoria says Claire said something disturbing today — she recalled that Jordan told her fire makes a wonderful distraction. Victor will do everything in his power to make sure she doesn’t come near the house.

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In her bed, Nikki tosses and turns and dreams about drinking in an alley. She wakes up and cries out. She calls Jack, who asks if she’s OK. Nikki assures him she’s safe. She just wanted to let him know she’s not angry at him. She’s worried she’s not going to be able to overcome this.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack reminds Nikki over the phone that it’s one step at a time. He will come any time she needs him and vows she will win this fight. “I’m here for you whenever you need me. Just call.” Behind Jack, Diane sighs.

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In Tucker’s suite, he tells Audra that he no longer cares about Ashley and assures her she has his full attention. He apologizes for how blind he’s been. It was her all this time. “You’re my best friend.” They kiss. Suddenly, Ashley bangs on the door and hollers at Tucker to open up.
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In the GCAC dining room, Ashley texts Tucker, “I need to see you immediately.”

In his suite, Tucker’s in bed making love to Audra.

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In the dining room, Ashley drinks a martini and signals the bartender for another.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Ashley and Tucker have a heated exchange, Chance romances Summer, and Nikki reconnects with Phyllis

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