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How Young & Restless’ Phyllis Will Beat the Charges — Plus, Cameron’s Depraved Plans for ‘Shick’

Young & Restless has been energized by the return of Cameron Kirsten, perhaps because we’ve (finally!) got a truly sinister villain on our hands. No nonsense about being reformed, just pure menace and twisted evil. Simultaneously, it’s time for Phyllis to pay the piper… or not?! Read on…

Nate State

It’s a stretch to think that someone studying to become a doctor randomly decided to take a business course in college (or that you could become a COO or CEO after one course), but it is believable that Nate’s desire to be a chief surgeon translates into wanting to be a top executive in the corporate world. The storyline works for this reason. That said, it was incredible to me that Victor would appear supportive of Victoria’s relationship with a man who stabbed his own cousins in the back, one of them being Devon, who was mentored by the Mustache himself. He has rarely found anyone to be good enough for his daughter to begin with, but he definitely wouldn’t trust this guy’s intentions with Victoria or his company. Perhaps Victor was putting on a front as he sized up the situation.

In related commentary, the first step in Nate’s big plan at Newman Enterprises is to get Nick out of the way… with Audra’s help. She won’t be able to compromise him via seduction (he’s already got his hands full between Sally and Sharon), so perhaps she’ll have to find some way to sabotage his work so that Nate can step into the COO position. I’d like to see Audra be even more conniving and pull the rug out from under Nate somehow. She has the makings of a terrific vixen but needs to stop riding coattails and being too transparent about her agenda.



Not Gonna Happen

Well, Christine and Chance finally bought a clue and figured out Phyllis is alive, thus setting Diane free. Christine vowing to bring down Phyllis and everyone involved in her scheme had me chuckling. She has every reason to hold a huge grudge against Red, but as we well know, she’ll never “bring her down”. Her nemesis is too slippery. Speaking of, how will Phyllis manage to beat the charges she’s facing?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that a lot has been made of Phyllis having to find the ambulance driver/EMT. There’s some vague notion that he’ll be able to verify that Stark’s a bad guy, but what will undoubtedly happen is that it will come to light that he killed Jeremy and not Phyllis. “What?” you say, “She’d have known.” Except that she told Summer she blacked out and came to and Stark was dead. As for the charges of fraud and framing Diane, it would only take one amazing attorney to beat that mamby-pamby stuff, and given that Phyllis has not one, but two pals who fit the bill, she’s in good shape.

It’s Curtains

The jig is up for Summer, who has perhaps been a tad pouty, but nonetheless a ton of fun out of the “perfect wife, mom, executive” mold she was stuck into. You knew it was gonna be good from the moment she donned a leather jacket — the internationally recognized soap opera symbol for a character going to their dark side — and commenced slinking around town whilst snarking and snapping at people. Alas, she’s not too slick, as Kyle discovered her secret when he followed her (for the second time) to the Genoa City Athletic Center, which is seeing more action these days than any of the characters (save Victoria and Nate who are going at it like bunnies). I love having it back. Anyway… Kyle and Summer. I don’t see how their marriage survives it once he learns she knew Phyllis was alive all along. Zuleyka Silver teased on social media that her character Audra has been doing a lot of smooching lately… could it be with Kyle?


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Bring It On

I’m living for Tucker scenes these days. There is no one more entertaining on Young & Restless right now than Trevor St. John when it comes to facial expressions and one-liners. His sheer delight when Ashley was throwing down with Diane and Jack in Society was hysterical. As for Ashley’s plot to undermine Diane before she can get her hooks into Jabot, the dialogue is rife with foreshadowing and I’m here for it. Diane has yet to show her true colors in any significant way, so it must be coming, and Ashley has her number. With Tucker involved they can’t go wrong.
Diane Tucker Ashley Y&R

Depraved… and Delicious

Cameron’s return has been absolutely delicious. Sure, the reveal could have been a tad more drawn out, but at long last Sharon and fam are getting a juicy storyline and we’re getting a real villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Hallelujah! The flashbacks used to remind viewers of the history have been fabulous as well — it’s fortuitous that the same actors are playing all of the roles. And how fun was it to see Cameron and Diane, real-life spouses, share a scene?

Anyway, Cameron makes my skin crawl, which is just how it’s supposed to be. Linden Ashby teased that his character would kill… and the preview gives us a glimpse into what may be his first strike what with Faith screaming her head off. Poor Borgnine… we hardly knew ye!

As for the psychopath’s master plan, it’s undoubtedly centered on taking Sharon for himself given that he’s obsessed with her. He’d surely love to deliver on his promise that Nick would be dead if he made a return, but in the meantime, he’s calmly, coolly, and creepily toying with “Shick” and their family. How chilling is it that he so casually made contact with family members who had no idea of who they were dealing with?! SOD previewed that Cameron will set up Nick so as to get him out of the way… and will be successful. Not only are Sharon and the girls going to be left vulnerable, but Sally is totally unaware of the threat. Nick didn’t tell her because she’s not to be under stress. Egad.


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The Struggle is Real

I was far more into Daniel’s reunion with his mother than I am his relationship with Lily. As much as Lucy’s conversation with Lily about her and Daniel’s past marriage was cute, and Lily’s passionate response to Phyllis’ shenanigans resonated, as a pairing they lack pizazz. As with Billy and Chelsea, the writing translates — unfortunately — to too many scenes that are like watching paint dry. There are other, well-hashed issues with “Chelly”, but both pairings are just getting established so it’s a shame they’re already on many viewers’ fast-forward lists.

This is my opinion. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this week’s Young & Restless in the comment section.

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